5 Commonly Missed Cleaning Areas in Commercial Spaces

Have you noticed a decrease in employee productivity? Is your staff taking more sick days? Maybe you’ve received some negative customer feedback regarding your business’ appearance. If you answered yes to any of the above, you might want to reassess how often and thoroughly your facility is cleaned.

Though your employees may do small tasks, like cleaning up a spill or wiping down desks, many critical areas in your space remain neglected. When you ignore these particular areas over a long period, dust, grime, and germs will build up, eventually affecting your health, decreasing employee productivity, and giving your customers a negative impression of your business. 

Here are five areas in commercial spaces that are commonly missed when cleaning:

  1. Furniture – Do you have lounge areas in your facility where employees or customers can sit down and relax? Maybe it’s a space where your employees enjoy their morning cup of coffee or an afternoon snack. While these areas are great for small breaks, you have to remember that people may be dropping crumbs and spilling drinks. Additionally, dust, mold, and germs can accumulate underneath and behind couches, sofas, or fabric chairs. Your average employee is not required to clean these spaces thoroughly. Instead, you should hire professional upholstery cleaners. They can provide an extensive vacuum cleaning, leaving your furniture and the surface it covers free of dirt and grime. 
  2. Air Vents – The condition of your building’s air vents can determine the air quality in your office. If you’re frequently running your HVAC system, dirt and dust can build up inside the ducts. You’ll want to take care of this because dirty air vents can cause health complications for employees, which can interfere with their ability to work, especially those with asthma or allergies. While you don’t have to include air vent cleaning in your daily schedule, they should be cleaned at least once a year by professionals. 
  3. Light Fixtures – People often fail to clean light fixtures because they can be challenging to reach. However, these are an item you don’t want to forget since lights can dull and lose their luster due to dust and other grime. Let professional cleaners handle your light fixture cleanings since they’ll have the proper equipment and techniques necessary to complete this process safely.
  4. Decor – Many people use office decor to brighten spirits and make the office environment more enjoyable. Think framed pictures, plants, holiday decor, and more. While these decorations are nice to look at, they’re probably not cleaned very often. Decorations that sit for months on end become dust collectors. Professional cleaners can maintain the appearance of your decor by removing fingerprints on picture frames, dusting holiday decor, and watering plants. 
  5. Printers – When cleaning the office, large printers often get overlooked because most people don’t consider them a dirt-attracting appliance, and they are too heavy to move. Just because it’s not top of mind doesn’t mean it’s not accumulating dust and other contaminants. Professional cleaners will remove dust from the printer’s nooks and crannies, vacuum beneath the machine, and clean its glass surfaces. In doing so, the machine’s functionality will improve, as will the printed paper it produces. 

Work With Office Express Janitorial Services for Your Commercial Cleaning Needs 

As a business owner, you cannot rely on your employees to clean your facility from top to bottom. Doing so will lower office morale, and you won’t get the thorough cleaning you need to have a healthy and productive environment. Hire a professional commercial cleaning company like Office Express Janitorial Services to ensure no corner is left a mess. We offer top-notch cleaning at a fair price, with standards set in best practices and procedures established by OSHA. 

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