Best Times to Schedule Your Commercial Cleaners

For business owners, ensuring a spotless and organized workspace is a top priority. Professional commercial cleaners have the expertise to deliver top-notch cleaning, sanitization, and organization, regardless of the circumstances. Yet, there are clear-cut situations when enlisting their services becomes an obvious choice.

Here are five of the best times to schedule your commercial cleaners.

  1. After normal business hours. Regular cleaning after the close of business can help maintain order around the workplace. It also ensures your employees come into a clean office the next day, no matter what state they left the place in the day before. A deeper cleaning, which can include waxing floors, cleaning carpets, and washing windows, is also ideal when your employees and customers aren’t around. It helps limit disruptions to your business and allows for a deeper clean overall. 
  2. Before (or after) special events. If you’re planning a big event, you want to put your best foot forward. Whether it’s a conference, meeting, or special event, your space should be immaculate so your guests are impressed. Commercial cleaners can help you achieve that and then some! When everything is said and done, and the event is over, you can invite commercial cleaners back into your space to remove all traces of an event, including spills, scuffs, and general wear-and-tear. 
  3. During cold and flu season. Regular disinfecting of your office, store, restaurant, or facility during cold and flu season is paramount in keeping your employees and customers healthy. Having commercial cleaners come not only to clean but also sanitize your space helps limit the spread of germs and bacteria. You may also want to consider increasing the frequency of your cleanings (for example, scheduling cleanings bi-weekly instead of monthly) to keep everything at bay. 
  4. Seasonal cleaning. When the season changes is another excellent time to schedule your commercial cleaning. Each season comes with its own set of messes. Think pollen and dust in spring and wet, dirty floors in the fall. When you schedule an end-of-season deep clean, you can instantly refresh your space. What’s more, year-end cleanings are also beneficial for many businesses for the same reason. They help your employees come back after the holidays feeling recharged and renewed. 
  5. Post-construction or renovation cleaning. After a construction project is complete, your workspace may be dirty and in disarray. Construction companies aren’t worried about the mess they leave behind. That’s why you should have commercial cleaners come in and make the space look brand new by removing dust, debris, and any remaining construction materials. 

By planning cleanings strategically, you can create a more inviting and productive environment for employees and visitors while keeping everyone safer and healthier. 

Hire Office Express for Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

At Office Express Janitorial Services, Inc., we offer top-notch cleaning at a fair price, with standards set in best practices and procedures established by OSHA. Looking for the best janitorial services for your commercial space? Contact Office Express Janitorial Services, Inc. today to schedule your commercial cleaning services. 

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