How to Hire a Janitorial Service

As a business owner, the cleanliness and maintenance of your facilities can directly impact the health, safety, and overall satisfaction of your employees, customers, and visitors. But this isn’t something you can assign to your existing staff. Instead, you should hire a janitorial service or commercial cleaning company to get the job done professionally and efficiently. 

To ensure you find the best janitorial service provider for your needs, here are five things to consider in the hiring process. 

Do your research. Before hiring a janitorial service, you should research multiple janitorial companies in your area. Use online resources, including reviews and ratings, to learn about the company’s reputation — good and bad! Feedback from their current and past clients will give you insight regarding what to expect and inspire any questions you might have when inquiring about a company’s services. If you’re unhappy with the results of that initial search, ask the people in your network if they have recommendations. Personal referrals can often be the best ones, as they come from trusted sources who have direct experience with the service provider. 

Evaluate their processes and equipment. When vetting potential janitorial service providers, ask about their equipment, tools, and cleaning processes. Any reputable company will use modern, well-maintained equipment and follow industry-standard practices to ensure an effective cleaning. If sustainability is critical to your business, you can also ask whether they use eco-friendly cleaning products. These products not only reduce the environmental impact of your cleaning practices but also contribute to a healthier indoor environment for your employees and customers.

Get to know their scheduling practices. Your business may require more flexibility when it comes to scheduling janitorial services. By asking about scheduling during the interview process, you can determine whether the company can accommodate your preferred cleaning frequency and any special requirements or preferences you may have. 

Consider their industry experience and specialization. Janitorial companies with industry-specific knowledge and expertise can significantly enhance the quality and effectiveness of cleaning services, especially for highly specialized businesses. For instance, doctor’s offices and testing labs may require a particular set of cleaning practices that some companies don’t handle. Whether you work in healthcare, hospitality, education, or commercial real estate, look for companies that understand your industry’s unique cleaning challenges and regulatory requirements. This understanding will reassure you that the company is well-equipped to handle your specific needs.

Ask about their insurance, licensing, and certifications. Requesting and reviewing a company’s insurance policy is a mindful step that can protect your business from liability in the event of accidents or damages during cleaning operations. Similarly, ensuring the company is appropriately licensed and certified assures you they meet the necessary standards. These measures are essential for your business’s security and protection. They also indicate the company’s commitment to maintaining high service quality and professionalism. 

Schedule a consultation. The best way to evaluate whether a janitorial company is right for you is to have a meeting. Doing this allows you to assess their professionalism, communication skills, and responsiveness before hiring them. You can also see how open their lines of communication are, which is essential for fostering a successful and mutually beneficial partnership. 

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