How to Keep Your Building’s Floors Clean During Winter

In Oklahoma City and Tulsa, winter is typically more moderate than in other cities across the country. However, it still has its fair share of rainy, snowy, and slushy weather. These conditions can wreak havoc on your place of business, with customers, clients, and employees tracking in all kinds of dirt, slush, and debris. To keep your business looking its best and, most importantly, safe, here are a few tips and tricks for maintaining clean floors during the winter. 

Have carpeting shampooed before and after the winter months. It may seem contradictory to have your carpeting cleaned before winter arrives, but doing so can make that second cleaning so much easier. Starting with a clean slate can make the secondary cleaning more efficient once the spring rolls around. 

Use entrance mats. To limit the amount of rain, snow, and slush brought into the office, place mats at the entrances and exits of your business. Doing this will help absorb any winter moisture that might be brought in from the outside and limit what soaks into the carpets or melts onto tile surfaces. 

Mop frequently in the winter months. Have a mop and bucket on hand if your business has mostly hardwood, tile, or linoleum flooring. With a mop easily accessible, it’s easier to soak up any winter moisture employees, clients, and customers might bring in from outside. In addition to keeping your business presentable, mopping can help keep the space safe and prevent slips and falls. 

Have hard floors resealed. Another consideration for businesses with hard flooring is having the floors resealed before winter begins. Doing so will prevent moisture from soaking into the floor’s surface and causing damage that would ultimately require replacing the floor. Resealing floors should be done before the temperature drops, as the cold weather can impact how the sealing cures. 

Invest in floor neutralizers. Ice melt can help create safe walkways outside your business, but having it tracked in can damage your interior floors. To prevent this kind of damage, use a floor neutralizer designed to simultaneously dissolve ice melt residue and clean your floors.

Train employees on proper floor cleaning. Your employees likely know how to handle a simple spill, but dealing with the mess winter weather can create might require a different cleaning method. Before winter starts, remind your employees of the tools and cleaning supplies available to them to help handle any mess they may bring in themselves. Doing so will allow them to maintain clean floors swiftly and with ease. 

Encourage an indoor shoe policy. Maintaining clean floors might not work for every business, but it’s still worth mentioning. You can encourage your staff to change into an indoor pair of shoes when they enter your building. Doing this will prevent outdoor debris from getting dragged in and help cut back on the costs of increasingly cleaning your floors. 

Office Express Janitorial Services, Inc. Can Keep Your Floors Clean This Winter

Maintaining clean floors is essential for safety and appearance during the winter months. When people enter your business with wet feet, it can create dangerous puddles and even diminish the integrity of the floors. Instead of relying on your staff to keep the floors clean, turn to a commercial cleaning company. 

At Office Express Janitorial Services, Inc., we offer top-notch cleaning at a fair price, with standards set in best practices and procedures established by OSHA. Looking for the best janitorial services for your office? Contact us today!

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