Promoting Sustainability in Commercial Cleaning

Whether in your personal life or running your business, becoming more sustainable is top of mind for many people. But that might be different when it comes to professional cleaning services. Traditionally, commercial cleaners have used a slew of chemicals to do the cleaning. That’s because, in the past, harsh chemicals were the fastest way to clean large spaces like businesses. 

Today, business owners and professional janitorial companies alike have access to more knowledge, products, and equipment, making sustainable cleaning practices for commercial spaces a reality. Learn more about the importance of cleaning sustainably and the benefits it can bring your business. 

Why Your Business Should Follow Sustainable Cleaning Practices

The most obvious reason a business would opt to use sustainable cleaning practices is the positive environmental impact. Traditional cleaning products can harm the environment, especially when they’re disposed of improperly. Other reasons businesses might switch to sustainable cleaning practices include: 

  • Employee health and safety. Traditional cleaning products can trigger allergies, respiratory issues, and other health problems for some of your employees. By switching to eco-friendly cleaning alternatives, you can create a healthier indoor environment free from harmful toxins. As a result, you might notice fewer sick days, improved employee productivity, and enhanced overall well-being.
  • Better energy conservation. Eco-friendly cleaning practices typically involve energy-efficient cleaning equipment. Using this kind of equipment can help reduce energy consumption and your company’s overall carbon footprint. In some cases, doing so may also minimize waste generation and help conserve valuable resources. 
  • Regulatory compliance. Depending on the industry, your business might be under growing pressure to comply with stringent environmental standards. Adopting sustainable cleaning practices can keep you compliant with regulations related to waste management, chemical usage, and environmental protection. Similarly, embracing sustainable cleaning practices can demonstrate corporate social responsibility (CSR).

So, how can you start implementing these green cleaning practices? Work with the professionals, of course! In doing so, your commercial business will get: 

  • A partner that uses green cleaning products that cause less harm to the environment (if any harm at all).
  • Professional cleaners who strive to reduce their environmental impact in all aspects of business, from the products they use to the machines and vehicles they operate. 
  • Experts who understand how to provide a deep clean to a commercial space utilizing tools like microfiber and pulse mops. 

Choose Office Express Janitorial for Your Commercial Cleaning

If you’re not in the cleaning industry, keeping up with the most sustainable products, methods, and equipment can seem daunting and time-consuming. Take the guesswork out of implementing sustainable cleaning practices and let the professionals handle it. You’ll want to partner with a company that’s committed to environmental responsibility and has the expertise and experience to prioritize sustainability without sacrificing a clean, sanitized, disinfected environment.

At Office Express Janitorial Services, Inc., we offer top-notch cleaning at a fair price, with standards set in best practices and procedures established by OSHA. Are you looking for the best janitorial services for your commercial space? Contact Office Express Janitorial Services, Inc. today.

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