The Role Technology Plays in Janitorial Services

Janitorial services may seem limited to a mop, bucket, and heavy-duty cleaning supplies, but some may be surprised to learn the crucial role technology plays in the industry. Aside from creating clean, sanitary environments for their commercial clients, modern janitorial services use various technological advances to enhance their cleaning efficiency and serve as more productive business liaisons. Are you wondering how this is possible? Discover six ways technology has become integrated into the janitorial industry. 

  1. Technologically advanced cleaning equipment makes cleaning smarter. Many janitorial companies have embraced the technological advances that are on the market. Features like censors, automated programs, and remote monitoring of smart cleaning machines are all ways janitorial services can autonomously navigate and clean a dirty workspace. In this way, they can provide a better, more detailed cleaning in real-time and reduce the need for manual intervention. Sometimes, these technologies can also make janitorial services more cost-effective. 
  2. Chemical practices have become safer. Instead of guessing how much product you need, technology can also help manage and dispense a safe amount of cleaning solutions, especially those made with chemicals. Chemical management systems, such as automated dispensers and cloud-based monitoring systems, can help dilute cleaning solutions properly, minimize waste, and prevent overuse or misuse of certain products. 
  3. Internet of Things (IoT) devices can monitor overall cleanliness. These technologically advanced sensors can track data like occupancy level, restroom usage, and air quality. They’re also able to detect dangers like leaks in real-time. Having access to this information allows janitorial companies to proactively handle situations and provide you with the most efficient cleaning possible. 
  4. Workforce management software keeps everyone in check. Some businesses monitor employees to ensure they stay on top of their work. Similarly, janitorial services can use workforce management technology to track where their employees are and when. This information allows for more streamlined scheduling, better allocation of resources, and comprehensive data to ensure operations are running smoothly and clients are receiving their services in a timely fashion. 
  5. Quality assurance and performance can be assessed. Feedback is relevant to any business, and janitorial services are no different. Using tech to gather this information through web portals, mobile apps, or other automated systems allows for real-time feedback and better customer satisfaction. 
  6. Clients can schedule cleaning on demand. Reliable commercial cleaning companies usually have online booking options, which allow customers to connect with janitorial companies on their own terms. Thanks to technology, clients can easily and quickly request a quote or schedule a cleaning, specifying which services they’re interested in. Online bookings and requests also help the cleaning company manage their requests and follow-ups.

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As a business owner, you want to hire a professional cleaning company that is up-to-date on everything from the latest regulations to the newest equipment. When your commercial cleaners use the latest technology, it benefits everyone as the process becomes more efficient and productive.
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