Spring Cleaning Tips for Commercial Facilities

Spring cleaning is not just for residential properties. When you own a commercial property, it’s essential to maintain your facility and keep it clean, especially if you welcome customers, clients, or patients inside your building. While many business owners have some kind of regular cleaning schedule, it’s always good to seasonally give the entire space a professional cleaning. 

Here are five spring cleaning tips for commercial facilities.  

Floor Cleaning: Your floors are one of the first things a guest will notice when entering your building. Depending on what kind of flooring you have, there are various ways you can give them a deep cleaning this spring. If you have hardwood floors, now is good to refinish them. If you have tile floors, consider waxing them. If you have carpets, think about vacuuming and steaming them. There are plenty of options available for commercial floor cleaning

Dusting: The springtime is notorious for activating dust allergies. That’s why you should dust your entire facility from top to bottom. To ensure you get every surface, start from the ceiling and work your down. Fans, shelves, desks, counters, molding, and baseboards are all areas that you should not miss. Consider working with professional cleaners if you have hard-to-reach surfaces or high ceilings. They know where dust accumulates and can make sure every area gets cleared.  

High-Pressure Cleaning: Make sure your property looks good from the inside out with high-pressure cleaning. You can take care of your walls, floors, and exterior with this type of cleaning service. It’s perfect for removing mold, mildew, dirt, and debris that has built up over time. Not only does high-pressure cleaning get rid of the dirt, but it helps liven up the overall appearance of your space too. 

Sanitizing: Now more than ever, sanitizing is a major part of keeping a commercial property clean. When you sanitize your space, you’re able to eliminate bacteria, odors, viruses, and other microbes that might be floating around your facility. With a sanitized space, you’ll keep your facility and your employees, guests, and customers healthy.

Window Cleaning: Washing your commercial property’s windows can be such a hassle that it doesn’t get done as frequently as it should. However, clean windows are crucial to maintaining a professional appearance. In the spring, pollen and dust can coat your windows, causing them to look streaky and dirty. Say goodbye to springtime pollen, sticky adhesives, greasy film, hard water build-up, and fingerprints with a window cleaning.

Give your commercial property the spring cleaning it deserves. If you don’t have the time, crew, or equipment to get the job done, we offer top-notch commercial cleaning services at a fair price, with standards set in best practices and procedures established by OSHA. 

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